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Bob Gilmour - Director of Boarding

The Mission StatementTo provide pastoral care for enrolled students.

A staff team, buildings and a student body that enriches and enhances the boarding experience to such an extent that boarders participate from enjoyment and reward, achieve and excel as individuals and contribute to the community life with enthusiasm and courage.

Pastoral care is based on the principle of β€œin loco parentis.” Boarding students are generally considered to be operating at a disadvantage when compared to day students. Therefore, the hostel will be run in such a way, on the basis of family and community values, so that the disadvantages are redressed and the enrolled students see their experience as a positive and advantageous one.

Our commitment is to high quality pastoral care and includes:

  • Pastoral care based on experience and sensitivity
  • Encouragement and opportunity to excel at individual endeavours
  • Encouragement and opportunity to participate in the community life of the Hostel
  • Access to resources and programmes that redress the disadvantage of living away from home
  • Encouragement and training to develop self discipline
  • Encouragement and opportunity to develop leadership skills
  • Assistance with job seeking
  • Consultation with parents and schools

Inclusion requires participation and we will make every endeavour to encourage students to take an active role in hostel life. However, we respect the fact that some students may not want to be included. Students merely seeking a place to eat and rest, as a maximum level of involvement, may be better suited to alternate accommodation.


The DetailsSteps to apply

  • Step 1: Download the documents

    Read through the documents for enrollment Download Here

  • Step 2: Fill in the documents

    Read the instructions and fill in the necessary information for administration purposes.

  • Step 3: Submit through email

    Expect to hear from us between 3-4 working days.